Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is generally used for filling any gaps in your teeth that can develop over time as your teeth move. The method of composite bonding involves composite resin being shaped and molded to your tooth to restore its original appearance with the colour of the resin matched to your tooth to give a natural appearance.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

  • Usually carried out in one appointment
  • Fast working and effective solution to fix minor cosmetic issues
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Doesn’t damage your natural smile
  • With strong oral hygiene and regular cleaning, composite bonds should last for years
  • Composite bonding is fully reversible unlike veneers which gives you the freedom to change your mind and be confident in your smile

Composite Bonding with Teeth Whitening

Composite bonding can also act as a solution for stained teeth and fillings may also be used alongside teeth whitening treatments to help you achieve a brighter smile.

If you decide to go ahead with composite bonding, you’ll normally be advised to carry out teeth whitening first. This is because the composite resin will be matched to your tooth following this whitening treatment, as the bond cannot be whitened further after being placed.

How to take care of your Composite Bonding

  • You must avoid tea, coffee and smoking for 48 hours after having the procedure done
  • Visits your hygienist regularly and maintain your brush routine to help maintain your composite bonding
  • Avoid biting you nails or biting objects that might chip the resin

If you follow these methods your composite bonds should last for years to come!

  • 1-2 appointments

*Composite bonding is a private treatment and will not be offered on the NHS.

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