Cosmetic Braces

Straighten Your Smile

Are you seeking a swift, non-invasive solution for correcting crooked teeth?

Look no further than our clear braces.

While traditional orthodontic methods may take 18 months to 3 years to produce desired results, EnVisage Dentistry Cumbernauld provides short-term orthodontic options. These alternatives can deliver the smile you desire in a considerably shorter timeframe than conventional treatments.

Dr. Akash Tamber, our dentist with a special interest in orthodontics, is dedicated to helping you achieve straighter and whiter teeth.


Dr. Akash Tamber


GDC number 274160

To book an appointment with Dr. Akash Tamber for a FREE cosmetic consultation or for more information on Quick Straight Teeth give us a call on 01236 724891

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth offers comfort and discretion, prioritising wearability to achieve impressive results for your smile within a short period of time.

Using either fixed or removable clear braces, our approach targets the alignment of your front teeth, effectively addressing mild to moderate issues. Concentrating on the front 6 to 8 teeth makes this method a convenient and cost-effective option.

In as little as 4 to 24 weeks, Quick Straight Teeth can transform your smile, delivering lasting results.

Our dentist, Dr. Akash Tamber, will talk you through the treatment process and offer in-depth details regarding the projected timeline.

Starting from £2880

Includes :

  • Clear aligners
  • Composite bonding
  • Whitening and whitening trays
  • Fixed bonded retainer

What To Expect?

The overall duration of the treatment will be depend on its complexity. Following a consultation with Dr. Akash Tamber, you will receive an estimate of the treatment duration.

Your Quick Straight Teeth process will consist of:

  1. Step 1 –  A FREE consultation
  2. Step 2 – A teeth impression taken by Dr. Akash Tamber
  3. Step 3 – At your next visit your first aligner will be fitted
  4. Step 4 – For the next few months, follow-up appointments will take place to check in on your progress
  5. Step 5 – Teeth Whitening and Composite Bonding will be completed depending on your requirements
  6. Step 6 – You will have a fresh new smile, and your permanent retainer will be implemeneted

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a retainer?

Yes, teeth continually move throughout your life. So, continuing to wear your retainer will help minimize this. If you stop wearing your retainer, it may risk your teeth drifting back to their original position.

Am I suitable for clear braces?

If you have mild to moderate crowding or protrusion of your front teeth, you could be suitable for clear braces treatment. This will be fully assessed at your FREE consultation.

Is it comfortable?

Some patients may feel very mild discomfort during the first couple of days. Then as time goes on, they should adjust to the brace.

How often should I wear my aligners (clear braces)?

You should wear your aligners at all times during your treatment apart from when you are eating, brushing, or flossing your teeth. Ideally, a patient should wear their aligners for 20 hours per day, every day.

We offer 0% APR finance options to help make cosmetic treatments affordable and accessible to everyone.